How to keep your home stylish and functional with little ones

When you become a parent, life changes and so does your home. It becomes a space for  your little ones to learn and explore, providing them with a safe sanctuary. But with this comes piles of toys scattered across the floor and peanut butter marks on your beautiful  sofa. You may feel as though your personal style is lost amongst all of this, but the good  news is that you can maintain a stylish and functional home with kids. It’s all about planning  for the future and making the right design choices, based on form and function. Here are four ways to enjoy the best of both worlds – a child friendly home that remains chic and  considered. 

Decorative storage is a must 

It is inevitable that little ones will collect a lot of toys and ‘stuff’ that doesn’t necessarily  blend in with your home’s aesthetic (we’re looking at you brightly coloured balls and Peppa  Pig books). An absolute must to maintain your version of a stylish home, while still allowing  your kids to help themselves to toys is beautiful storage with easy access. Opaque options  like wood, leather and rattan are perfect for hiding away the mess. Another solution is to select furniture for your space that serves two purposes. Try an ottoman or sofa with hidden  storage inside to pack toys and books away when not in use.  

Stay organised with two changing stations 

This one is for mamas with a nursery on another level to their main living area. Our  solution? Have two changing stations – we promise it’s a game changer! Our Bunnie Caddie  is the perfect portable changing station, combining both style and functionality. Beautifully  crafted from luxe felt fabric with leather features, it keeps baby essentials organised with  divided compartments and pockets. Include wipes, creams, bibs, nappies and spare outfits  in the Bunnie Caddie, then you’ll be prepared for feeds and changes without having to go  back and forth to the nursery. It will also keep these essentials tidy and organised in your  living space. 

Create unique kid friendly spaces 

Just like we have our own spaces to relax and unwind in (like a reading nook or daybed),  your little one needs their own areas too. Rather than feeling like you have to section off  areas of your home to the kids, instead create special spaces throughout for them to feel  inspired and play. This could be a wall in your kitchen covered with chalkboard paint for  

them to draw on or a gallery wall in your hallway that displays their framed artworks. A  tepee filled with cushions can be used to as a reading nook or dress-up station to provide  them with space and storage for their favourite activities. 

Make your home practical 

This is where style compromises with functionality. Avoid selecting sofas in linen or fabric,  instead leather is the way to go - it is wipeable and won’t show those stains (hello smooshed avocado and blueberries). Always choose dark leather if you can rather than light leather, as  you can add warmth and texture with cushions and throws. We also know that scratch resistant, stain-resistant and wipeable surfaces are every parent’s best friend. Natural stone 

and marble benchtops in the kitchen are best avoided until your little ones are much older.  Instead, consider composite stone or another hard-wearing finish. We also love  incorporating fixtures that encourage little ones to get involved in keeping the home  organised and tidy. This can include low level hooks positioned in the entry way for coats and rain jackets, while a bench also near the entry will remind kids to take off their shoes at  the door to be stored underneath.