The Ultimate Packing Solution

Traveling with babies and kids can feel overwhelming at the best of times, and
packing for adults and kids can often make things feel more chaotic. So how do you
manage everyone’s luggage without creating bags that are overfilled and
disorganised? With our Bunnie Packing Cubes and Pouches!
Packing cubes are ideal for helping you organise not only your own luggage, but also
ensuring that your family’s luggage remains neat and organised throughout your
travels. The different sized cubes allow you to pack in a variety of ways depending on
what suits you and your family best. You can organise your luggage according to
clothing and accessory type (think tops, bottoms, pjs), and because the Bunnie
Packing Cubes and Pouches come in a trio that includes different sizes, you can
group items of clothing by size, with bulkier clothes together and more compact
items like bathers, delicates and accessories in the smallest cube.
If you’re travelling for an event or you’ll be participating in a range of different
activities you can also pack each family member’s clothing by day or activity. Each
day just grab the appropriate packing cube with your outfit for the day and make
getting ready a breeze. Your kids’ clothes will be sorted as well, so getting ready
won’t take as long and you’ll be able to get out the door faster maximize your travel
We love how easy the Bunnie Packing Cubes and Pouches make traveling with a
baby! Each cube can be used to carry a different set of items – one can have their
daytime clothes, one can contain their sleepwear, sleep sacks and cuddly toys, and
one cube can have all your nappy change essentials. From wipes to nappies to
creams and balms, and medicinal items just in case, you’ll be able to grab the
packing cube you need to get bubs all organised for the day or night.
Available in black, clay, navy, and sand, these packing cubes are stylish and ultra-
functional companions to your Bunnie Caddie, Bunny Nappy Bag, Bunnie Backpack
and Bunnie Overnight Bag. They’ll not only save space in your luggage, but their
carry handle, gold hardware will elevate your luggage game, and the eco-friendly
quilted nylon/polyester make them easy to clean while you’re on the road or once
you get home from your travels.