Bunnie Caddie

Deluxe Blue Bundle


The Deluxe Neutral Bundle is everything you need at arms reach for those newborn days in hospital and at home. Valued at over $325 it's the perfect gift for any new parent. 

The Bunnie Caddie in Grey
The Bunnie Caddie is made from premium felt fabric that provides a sturdy base and sectional caddie, leather trim and metal hardware for a sleek look, plus a leather strap for durability and ease of transport. 

  • Shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an everyday tote. 

  • Black Leather detailing on the bottom, side as well as handles for durability

  • Nine functional pockets 

  • Three removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products 

  • Larger Leather pocket with magnetic closure

  • Silver Hardware

  • Two-tone body strap 

  • Size 41cm L x 32cm D x 21cm H


The Bunnie Change Mat in Charcoal
Our Bunnie Change Mat has a luxurious look and feel, with a water-resistant and sleek finish. The extra padding helps you ensure extra comfort for your little Bunnie when changing. 

The bunnie quilted fabric is elegant and durable and the Change Mat comes with foldable functionality, making it portable and sleek. 

  • Each Change Mat will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an organiser.

  • Water-resistant sleek, bunnie quilted nylon/polyester for easy cleaning.

  • A Storage Pocket for all the essentials with every Change Mat.


Tooshies Newborn Nappies x 1 pkt

Softer and more absorbent disposable nappy made from organic bamboo with a biodegradable backsheet. Buy Tooshies size 1 newborn nappies. 

Tooshies Pure Water Wipes x 1 pkt

Biodegradable water wipes made with over 99% pure water. Tooshies fragrance-free baby wipes are perfect for the most sensitive and newborn skin and ensure a gentle clean from head to toe.

Bunnie Wet Bag x 2

Stylish and versatile, this waterproof drawstring bag comes in a range of bright and neutral colours.

The perfect accessory for your parenting needs the Bunnie Wet Bag has an endless list of useful applications :

- Storing wet clothes for those little accidents

- Bathers and towels for swimming lessons and beach days 

- Ballet lessons costume changes

- Activity packs for day trips 

- Library bags

- Santa sack alternative for use all year round 

Just to name a few ...

The Bunnie Wet bag is made from waterproof polyester and is 56cm x 43cm.




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