Bunnie Caddie

Bunnie Change Mat - Khaki


We are excited to announce the newest member of the Bunnie Caddie family, the Bunnie Change Matt. A stylish and ultra-functional companion to your Bunnie Caddie.

Our Bunnie Change Matt has a luxurious look and feel, with a water-resistant and sleek finish. The extra padding helps you ensure extra comfort for your little Bunnie when changing. Designed with finer details honed to perfection every feature of this beautiful Baby Change Matt has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

With some wonderful features, the bunnie quilted fabric is elegant and durable and the Change Matt comes with foldable functionality, making it portable and sleek. 

  • Each Change Matt will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an organiser.
  • Water-resistant sleek, bunnie quilted nylon/polyester for easy cleaning.
  • A Storage Pocket for all the essentials with every Change Matt.

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