Bunnie Caddie

Luxe Teddy Bundle - Pink


The Luxe Teddy Bundle is here and its all about PINK ! 

The Teddie Bunnie Caddie in Tan

Boasting two neutral tones, our Bunnie Teddy Caddie has a luxurious look and feel and will double as a stylish nursery decor item. Designed with the finer details honed to perfection every feature of your caddie has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

The Bunnie Caddie is made from a premium felt , fabric underlay with a soft teddy overlay that provides a sturdy base and sectional caddie, leather trim and metal hardware for a sleek look, plus a leather strap for durability and ease of transport. 

  • Each bag will be shipped in a dust-proof bag that can double as an everyday tote. 
  • Made from a premium felt underlay and a soft teddy overlay
  • Tan Leather detailing on the bottom, side as well as handles for durability
  • Nine functional pockets 
  • Four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products 
  • Larger Leather pocket with magnetic closure
  • Gold Hardware
  • Two-tone body strap 
  • Size 41cm L x 32cm D x 21cm H

The Bunnie Change Mat in Clay

Our Bunnie Change Mat has a luxurious look and feel, with a water-resistant and sleek finish. The extra padding helps you ensure extra comfort for your little Bunnie when changing. 

The bunnie quilted fabric is elegant and durable and the Change Mat comes with foldable functionality, making it portable and sleek. 

  • Each Change Mat will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an organiser.

  • Water-resistant sleek, bunnie quilted nylon/polyester for easy cleaning.

  • A Storage Pocket for all the essentials with every Change Mat.


The Bunnie Wet Bag - Blush

Stylish and versatile, this waterproof drawstring bag comes in a range of bright and neutral colours.

The perfect accessory for your parenting needs the Bunnie Wet Bag has an endless list of useful applications :

- Storing wet clothes for those little accidents

- Bathers and towels for swimming lessons and beach days 

- Ballet lessons costume changes

- Activity packs for day trips 

- Library bags

- Santa sack alternative for use all year round 

Just to name a few ...

The Bunnie Wet bag is made from waterproof polyester and is 56cm x 43cm.


The Bunnie Caddie x Mini Motif - Blush

Made from the softest 100% Cotton in the cutest, totally reversible, Bunnie Caddie motifs.

Bassinet/Pram Size: 75cm x 85cm


Beautifully breathable, 100% Cotton naturally repels water and sweat, making it the perfect trans-seasonal option.

Natural fibres such as 100% Cotton allow for air circulation, which helps remove and absorb body moisture. During the warmer seasons, this means that 100% Cotton draws heat away from the skin, keeping our little ones cool and dry, but in colder temperatures it can actually provide insulation, keeping the cold and wet out. These attributes make our 100% Cotton blankets a versatile option for all climates, all year round.

100% Cotton is naturally resistant to dust and dust mites creating a hypoallergenic and non-irritating option for your Mini.

100% Cotton is also the only fibre that becomes stronger when wet, making it the ideal wash-and-wear fabric for your keepsake.


Honey Bear  - OB 

Likes: Gardening & Naps

Designed by O.B. Designs in Australia, our popular soft toys are irresistibly cute and a great companion for your special little one. The soft colour palette is inspired by our home in Byron Bay and surrounds. We are passionate about design and use a combination of master craftsmen and high-quality materials to create our collection. Each toy comes with a sweet and fun bio, perfect for gifting and a wonderful keepsake.

  • Suitable for Ages 0+
  • Toy 40 cm long
  • Weighted beads in arms, legs & belly
  • Made by a Sedex audited Manufacturer
  • Interior of toys are recycled material
  • 100% Polyester interior and exterior

O.B. Designs’ products are made to the highest standards, however if used incorrectly and breakage occurs, they may become a choking hazard. Please check before each use and discard at the first sign of wear. Do not alter in any way and always use under adult supervision. Machine Wash before use and hang dry. Inspect product for defects before use. Do not leave with babies unattended or when sleeping.

Our soft toys meet EN71 1,2,3, ASTM and ASNZ toy standards for children under 36 months.

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