Welcome to the Family Bunnie Bag !

One of the most important items to keep you and your baby organised when you’re on the go is a nappy bag, and the Bunnie Bag is reinventing the nappy bag for modern families. This luxury bag is designed to complement your Bunnie Caddie while being the perfect portable accessory for busy parents.

The Bunnie Bag has been thoughtfully designed, with careful consideration about
how best to keep your baby’s belongings neat and tidy no matter where you are.
Busy parents and families who spend a lot of time outside the home need a bag that can easily store a range of items while keeping them perfectly organised and tidily concealed. The Bunnie Bag makes getting organised for the day a breeze with separate sections, deep pockets and plenty of storage space to have your baby ready to go at a moment’s notice.


When combined with our beautiful Bunnie Caddie, the Bunnie Bag provides the ideal storage for the ultimate in bespoke baby convenience.