And then there were two! How to prepare for bub the second time round

Time flies when you become a Mumma, and even more so the second time around. Introducing another little one to your family is exciting, but also comes with its own unique challenges and joys. Read on for ways to prepare for the new addition to make the transition as smooth as possible,  especially for your darling firstborn whose little world will shift when baby number two comes along. 

How is pregnancy number two different from the first? Although you can say ‘been there, done  that’, each pregnancy really can be quite different. Oh – and you already have a little one to care for and round around after! The word ‘tired’ comes up frequently in conversation when expecting baby number two. Mummas often feel more exhausted during their second pregnancy, as there is less time to rest, coupled with the physical and emotional demands of looking after a child.  However, the experience gained from looking after your firstborn can be really helpful in deciding what baby products you really need the second time around.

Here at Bunnie Caddie HQ, we’ve been thrilled to receive feedback from happy parents informing us that the Bunnie Caddie has become a must-have in their daily lives caring for little ones. The caddie was specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your parenting journey with both style and practicality at the heart of the brand. The best thing is that the Bunnie Caddie can be used in many different ways as your family grows. From those sleepless first few weeks where the Bunnie Caddie functions as a luxe portable changing station,  keeping you organised and saving you trips back and forth to the nursery. Fast forward to using your  Bunnie Caddie as a gorgeous transportable carrier storing toddler essentials like snacks, sunscreen, spare outfits and wipes for on the go and in the car. 

An essential part of preparing your child emotionally for a sibling is to help them understand what to expect when their little brother or sister arrives. Keep in mind that if you’re firstborn is several years older, they will have a better understanding of what a new baby means. Communication is really important – have regular conversations about their baby sister or brother and be prepared to answer any questions that might come up. If you have friends with little babies, it’s the perfect  opportunity to let your firstborn watch and interact with them before they have a bub join their own family. There is also an array of beautiful books about becoming a big brother or sister that you can read to your toddler or give to an older child to read. Our pick? We love You Were the First by  Patricia MacLachlan.  

Parents are often excited, but nervous when they introduce their older child to the new baby. And for good reason, it can either be the sweetest moment or end in tears! A gorgeous idea is to let the older sibling choose a present for their little brother or sister. We love our range of OB Designs Huggie bunnies for precious moments like these. And a lovely way of including your firstborn is to give them a ‘new big brother or new big sister’ gift from Mum and Dad. It is also important to  introduce the new bub as ‘our baby’ or ‘your baby sister/brother’. This makes the older sibling feel  involved and equally important. Keeping a toddler entertained while feeding your baby can be a  challenge for Mums. We recommend keeping a special stash of toys neatly organised in a Bunnie Caddie that only gets brought out when you’re feeding bub. Another idea is to keep snacks handy for them to enjoy, so you’re not having to worry about a hungry toddler. 

Although the days may be long and you feel exhausted every night, remind yourself that a beautiful bond will grow between your children and they will have a best friend for life.