Tips for Keeping Calm and Organised as a New Parent


Life with a newborn is busy and can be overwhelming some days. There’s the sleep  deprivation, managing the needs of your new arrival and a never-ending to-do list. It does  take time adjusting to a new normal as a family with a very cute (but demanding) baby. But  there are ways that can help you make this transition as smooth as possible. We’ve collated the best tips to assist you navigate this new season of parenthood (oh and did we mention  coffee helps!).  

Have two changing stations 

This will save you valuable time and effort, especially if your baby’s nursery is on  another level to your main living area. Our Bunnie Caddie is the perfect portable  changing station, combining both style and functionality. Beautifully crafted from  luxe felt fabric with leather features, it keeps baby essentials organised with divided  compartments and pockets. Include wipes, creams, bibs, nappies and spare outfits in  the Bunnie Caddie, then you’ll be prepared for feeds and changes without having to go back and forth to the nursery. When designing the Bunnie Caddie, a neutral colour palette with luxe features was considered to ensure it looked good anywhere  in the home. The Bunnie Caddie is also transportable with a leather strap, so if  you’re heading out to visit family or friends simply pop in the car for an organised (and gorgeous) changing station ready to go.

Meal preparation  

Fill your freezer with delicious food by making large batches of meals while you’re  still pregnant and feeling up to cooking. Meals like lasagne are great for freezing and  can be reheated when you need a quick and easy nutritious meal in those hectic first  few weeks with a newborn. Another great idea is to ask your family and friends to  participate in meal roster, where your nearest and dearest taking turns cooking your  family tasty dinners. Try the online platform Meal Train for an easy way to organise a meal roster. 

Outsource where possible  

The best advice we can offer is to remember you don’t have to do it all yourself! If  there’s something you can outsource to make those first few sleep deprived months  a little easier, then go for it. A meal delivery service like Dinner Ladies or Hello Fresh  is worth its weight in gold (especially in the newborn haze). Or if the budget allows then invest in a weekly cleaning service to help keep the house in order, leaving you  to focus on caring for your little one and resting where possible. And lastly, an online grocery delivery service is an absolute must-have for new Mummas.  

Prioritise self-care 

In the blur of those first few months of parenthood, it can be so easy to forget to look after yourself. It’s completely understandable that new parents will often put the  needs of their baby and family in front of their own - but remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. Intentionally setting aside time in your day for moments of self care – whether it be a relaxing bath, lighting a gorgeous candle (our favourites are  Lumira and Diptyque), listening to a podcast or taking the time to do your nightly beauty regime (we love Chanel’s Crème De Nuit night cream). It’s little things like  these that will set a tone of calm and make you feel ready to take on whatever the day (or night!) brings.